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Yasuda Kinen (Group 1 Race)
The Yasuda Kinen is one of the biggest races every year in Japan. Run at Tokyo Racecourse in June of each year. It attracts horses that are 3 years of age or older from all over Japan and even the world.

Prize Money: 2017 the prize money for the race was JPY 222,080,000 (about US $1.9 million dollars). With the winning horse receiving JPY 103,000,000 (about US $895,000) .

The race is run at a distance of 1,600 meters (1 mile) , the race is run on turf.

Run at Tokyo Racecourse around 1 turn, the course is especially demanding but equally fair. The horses break at the mouth of the backstretch and have a long run of more than 500 meters to the only turn. This allows for all horses even those breaking from outside posts to find a good running position.

The course turns left for 400 meters before entering the long home stretch. This is where the real running begins, the straight at Tokyo Racecourse is particularly long and tiring. The home stretch measures a whopping 525 meters, with the first 225 meters being uphill.

To win the Yasuda Kinen you need to have a horse with tremendous stamina and heart.