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Japan Cup Winners
Tokyo Racecourse - 2,400 Meters, Turf. 3yo & up Purse - JPY 528,500,000 Previous winners of the Japan Cup with times and winning jockeys.

Course Description
The Japan Cup is run over 2400m on turf on a left-handed track. The race starts from the homestretch, about 300m from the winning post. The first 440m run to the first turn is flat, leading into the backstretch. After traveling 1100m, there is a gentle slope of 1.8m going down from 780m. From this point, there is a sharp rise of 1.2m for 60m, and after running flat for 80m, just before the third turn, there is another slope of 2.2m going down for 260m.

Leading into the final 525m homestretch, there is a gradual rise of 30cm for 100m and a steady uphill of 2m for 120m, with a flat final 300m remaining to the winning post. This course can be exceedingly tricky to the unfamiliar jockey. It is best to save your horse for the late stretch run if possible.

Course Dimensions: Circumference - 2,083m Width - 31-41m A homestretch of - 525m (from turn to finish)

Track Record for 2,400m (turf) 2:20.6 (Almond Eye 2018)

More info on the Japan Cup
1981 Mairzy Doates (USA) 2:25.3 C. Asmussen
1982 Half Iced (USA) 2:27.1 D. Macbeth
1983 Stanerra (IRE) 2:27.6 B. Rouse
1984 Katsuragi Ace (JPN) 2:26.3 K. Nishiura
1985 Symboli Rudolf (JPN) 2:28.8 Y. Okabe
1986 Jupiter Island (GB) 2:25.0 P.J. Eddery
1987 Le Glorieux (FR) 2:24.9 A. Lequeux
1988 Pay the Butler (USA) 2:25.5 C. McCarron
1989 Horlicks (NZ) 2:22.2 L.A. O’Sullivan
1990 Better Loosen Up (AUS) 2:23.2 M.A. Clarke
1991 Golden Pheasant (USA) 2:24.7 G. Stevens
1992 Tokai Teio (JPN) 2:24.6 Y. Okabe
1993 Legacy World (JPN) 2:24.4 H. Kawachi
1994 Marvelous Crown (JPN) 2:23.6 K. Minai
1995 Lando (GER) 2:24.6 M. Roberts
1996 Singspiel (GB) 2:23.8 L. Dettori
1997 Pilsudski (GB) 2:25.8 M. Kinane
1998 El Condor Pasa (JPN) 2:25.9 M. Ebina
1999 Special Week (JPN) 2:25.5 Y. Take
2000 T.M.Opera O (JPN) 2:26.1 R. Wada
2001 Jungle Pocket (JPN) 2:23.8 O.Peslier
2002 Falbrav (ITY) 2:12.2 L. Dettori
2003 Tap Dance City (JPN) 2:28.7 T. Sato
2004 Zenno Rob Roy (JPN) 2:24.2 O.Peslier
2005 Alkaased (GB) 2:22.1 L. Dettori
2006 Deep Impact (JPN) 2:25.1 Y. Take
2007 Admire Moon (JPN) 2:24.7 Y. Iwata
2008 Screen Hero (JPN) 2:25.5 M. Demuro
2009 Vodka (JPN) 2:22.4 C. Lemaire
2010 Rose Kingdom (JPN)*plcd 1st 2:25.2 Y. Take
2011 Buena Vista (JPN) 2:24.2 Y. Iwata
2012 Gentildonna (JPN) 2:23.1 Y. Iwata
2013 Gentildonna (JPN) 2:26.1 R. Moore
2014 Epiphaneia (JPN) 2:23.1 C. Soumillon
2015 Shonan Pandora (JPN) 2:24.7 K. Ikezoe
2016 Kitasan Black (JPN) 2:25.8 Y. Take
2017 Cheval Grand (JPN) 2:23.7 H. Bowman
2018 Almond Eye (JPN) *Record Time 2:20.6 C. Lemaire