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Tokyo Racecourse is located in Fuchu, a short 30-minute ride by express train from central Tokyo. It is the Japan Racing Association's biggest racetrack, with a turf, dirt and jump course, and races are run to the left.

The turf course measures 2,083 meters around and 41 meters across at its widest point. The homestretch is just under 526 metres long. Tokyo's dirt course is 1,899 meters around and 25 meters wide. Its homestretch is just under 502 meters in length.

Tokyo Racecourse has always been known for its long stretch and sweeping turns. Tokyo Racecourse is a demanding test for champion runners and the best horses on a given day tend to win.

Bowing is a way to show respect in Japan, you will see the jockey's bow before mounting their horses for a race. They will also bow to the crowd after winning, especially big races.

Before and during a big race it is common for the crowd to be involved, making lot's of noise and shouting. The racecourse takes on a stadium type feel before a big race, akin to a world series baseball game in the United States. When the gates open for a big race, such as the Japan Cup, the crowd let's out a feverish roar. I guess it just makes the horses run faster.

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